DECA Art Contest 2017 Entry [Won]

This is my entry for Deca Games' May skin contest.

Since the focus of the contest is just for spicing up the games graphics I decided to theme my art around what I think is the most boring dungeon in the game, the Undead Lair.

I've created a live preview of what the sprites might look in game. Try moving around, you can control your character like you do in Realm.


The Ethereal Princess

I've always wanted a pretty female skin for Archer that wasn't for Huntress. To go with the UDL theme she would someone tied to Septavius or a ghost, hence the ghastly color of her dress.


Septavius' Shade

For my Boss/Monster entry I designed a apparition that I hope would be fitting for a UDL Treasure Room, something to make the dungeon worth coming back to once you pick up a Doom Bow.

Mysterious Coffin

This coffin could be placed in any number of the creepy places in realm, but personally I designed it as some sort of spawning trigger for the shade.


Wow I actually won! Congratulations to to the other winners and entries. I hope to be able to continue making art for this game!




If I'm going to be a real web developer I at least need to be able to make my own site.

I said to myself many months ago. Throughout this long development process I finally mastered the ins and outs of Django and created a personal website that I think far exceeds the capabilities of a basic WordPress one.

Go on, look around. But don't dig too deep ;)